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What It REALLY Means to Call for an Article V Convention


Lawrence Lessig Speaks at Wolf PAC Warrior Workshop 2018. http://www. wolf-pac. com ​ Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig gives a lesson on what it really means to call for an Article V Convention and why it’s the logical path to address money’s corrupting influence in politics. In this

Campaign 2016 & Campaign Finance Reform

C-SPAN Washington Journal


Lawrence Lessig talked about lessons learned during his brief bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election cycle. He also discussed campaign finance reform, which was a central issue in his campaign.

Interview with Presidential Candidate Lawrence Lessig

C-SPAN Road to the White House 2016


Professor Lawrence Lessig , a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, was interviewed as part of a C-SPAN series of conversations with candidates. He talked about his life and work and reasons for running for president.